Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quilting Quest

In my current endevours at quilting, I am progressing - slowly . Having owned a rotary cutter for a number of years, I have only ever used it on paper. It was only at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last Summer that it dawned on me I should really be using it for fabric. Slow learner-that's me. So I invested in a replacement blade, and christened it this week by using it on fabric. Quite amazing how easy it is to cut curves. I was well impressed.

The sudden urge to embark on this cutting of unusual shapes in material was inspired by my earlier post about the Abstract Art project I have been doing with students. I like to work to music, and thought I would mirror what they had been doing with dry media,and give it a go, but I would use fabrics instead. So the music I chose was Roxette, Look Sharp, I also chose a yellow background fabric ( which is turban cotton) and cut up some scraps of coloured fabric into shapes, suggested by the music, using my rotary cutter freehand fashion. I held the bits down to the background fabric with 505 adhesive. Next decision was how to hold the rotary cut pieces of fabric down permanently onto the background. I decided to machine them with a fancy stitch. After much experimentation I decided on this pattern.

I also chose a varigated thread I had recently bought. This is one of the quilting patterns on my Bernina machine.

Here you can see the work in progress. Keeping to quilt traditions I put another layer of fabric over the top, a yellow glitzy synthetic. So have 3 layers if you include the stabilising fabric underneath which is calico.

Why am I always impressed by the wrong side of the work, when I have put all the effort into the other side? Hmmm.

Here is the finished piece, have taken the photo at an angle, hoping you can see a bit of the shimmer created by the glitzy synthetic on top. What do I do with it now.......have not got a clue! Enjoyed making it though.


Dorothy said...

I like that little experiment Maggie. You could always use it in a quilt perhaps cut up. Or you could make it into ATC's and send one to ME!!!!! Grin

Nellie Bass Durand said...

What fun! Just keep going with it. Make other pieces and see where it may all end up. I consider making art quilts an adventure. I usually don't have a clear idea of my "destination" until I'm well into the project.

Valeri said...

How about a book cover? A book for notes on experimentations!