Monday, May 01, 2006

Looking at the faces

Am going to leave the dream body for a little while and concentrate on the work Sally has done. We discussed this style of blogging and Sally made some interesting observations, I include them here:-

""It's made me think a lot about collabs. Is it a case of trying to compliment and enhance, or reinterpret or deliberately take in another direction? I know our game is really one without rules but it's interesting to think that if you chose and specified these different paths before hand, what very different results you would get""

You can probably think of a number of different pathways you would like to direct the work towards to help me on my way. In the above photo, I am showing an area at the bottom of the work that has beautiful machine stitching that is creating a wonderful textured area. I am going to leave that alone. It looks fantastic as it is.

Firstly, I really want to interact with this piece in some way, so I have gently put it under the embellisher, that's what you can see in the above picture. However I soon find that I have to be extremely careful as some areas are very thick and the embellisher does not like it that thick - might break a needle and they are very expensive to replace. I have not embellished the faces, just the background fabric, and then quite selectively too. I feel I want to make the faces stand out more as the line quality and expression of the line in Sally's machine drawing is full of movement, but is not prominent enough at the moment. It deserves to be seen properly.

So I took the image into PSP (Paint shop Pro), played with some of the filters in there, but did not get the effect I had in my head. When I am wrestling with this sort of dilhemma, I usually think in terms of grey scale to help the design progress.

Now I can see what I want to do. It will take time though....... need to set up the graphics tablet on the new computer, which means loading the software, and then testing. Had meant to do this ......but you know how it is - doesn't get done until you really need it.

Sorry folks looks like you will need to wait again for me to sort out the equipment.

Have also had an idea about how it might be presented at the end. Will share later.


Helen Suzanne said...

a really effective way of "seeing the wood throught the trees"

I can see what you mean about sally's faces needing to stand out more. I've a similar point with a piece i'm working on. Mine is loosing the detail because it's all too busy but i think i've solved it with adding a layer of tulle on the bits i want to quieten and send to the back.

MargaretR said...

Wow, this is great fun you are having. The colours are fantastic and I can't wait to see what you both come up with next. I love making Vessels, but please don't make these into vessels, we need a large panel I think!