Saturday, May 06, 2006


Just before the sun went down last night, we had this lovely sight in the sky above our house. So captured the moment for you all to share. Wondered whether they were taking photos of me taking photos of them ! Or perhaps it was a birthday present - a ride in a hot air balloon. My daughters birthday today, so we have celebrations this afternoon.

Have not managed a great deal of fabric work this week, the day job interfered again. Hope fully I will have some to share with you tonight or tomorrow. All I have been capable of in the evenings this week is a little hand stitching, I suppose every little helps.


MargaretR said...

I do love hot air balloons Maggie, but have never been up in one.
I notice from the time of your posting that you are also a bit of an owl like myself?

Zaz said...

they are awesome! we dont get some many over here (Sweden) - which is a shame!

am amazed how far advanced you are with the spring weather...........oh oh the Cotswolds in Spring - makes me feel homesick!