Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Silver Jubilee

I wrote last time that I thought I had never made a quilt, then I remembered the Queen's Silver Jubilee. The country was gripped in red, white and blue patriotism, and I then recalled making a patchwork piece with some left over Laura Ashley pieces of fabric. I had a dig around last night and found it in the children's toy box.

As you can see a bit worse for wear..but it is 29 years old. I created the patchwork with hexagons using the old English Patchwork method of tacking the fabric onto card and then oversewing patches together by hand. You can also just see the Grandmothers garden design. I think I must have run out of patience and stitched it onto some bought fabric and then bound the edges to finish it, well secured by machine titching. I am pleased to say it is still well used in the toy box, being the size of a large cot for a baby.

So hope for me yet...........perhaps even as a proper quilter?

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