Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gallery Preview

Sandra Blow

Just returned from a preview at a local Gallery, its called Wetpaint and is in Cirencester. The Exhibiton featured work by Bridget Riley,
I found the exhibtion very inspirational, it was all Absact Art and many of my fellow bloggers know that I have been working a great deal with my local Art gallery and my students on this theme.
My internet friend,Paulene, introduced me to the work of Sandra Blow, so I was particularly pleased to be abe to see her work the "flesh". I am very familiar with Bridget Rileys work, having first seen her work in Bradford on a visit as a young girl. I was waiting for the ice rink to open and sauntered i to get out of the rain. The work made an instant impression on me, at first made me feel quite dizzy, but also a great inspiraton to my later work. I had only seen Terry Frost's work as prints in books. Think I will be going for another look before the exhibition ends on 12th August.

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MargaretR said...

Very interesting exhibition Maggie, thanks for the images.