Thursday, July 27, 2006

Packing Injury

Have finished the great pack at school.......finally. Not without injury unfortunately. With still about 2 hours of work to do, I cut 2 of my fingers very deeply, still don't know with what, as it happened whilst putting some paper into the cages the removal company gave us. When the bleeding finally stopped, I bound the fingers very tightly with plasters, so that I could finish the job. Have refrained from posting a picture of the wounded fingers, in case you are of a delicate disposition!

I had been advised by my work to go the the hospital and have them stitched. I was so dirty,dusty,sweaty and tired when I finished after the hottest day of the year. I just could not think about a long wait of 4 hours or more at A & E with lots of ill people.

Lunchtime today I took the tight plasters off to give the wounds some air, and was not happy about the wounds, so went to the nurse at the doc's to have it checked. She was lovely, as by time I got to the surgery there was a lot of blood. This was one time I wish I had an automatic car, each time I changed gear, it got very messy. She sorted me out, and gave me a tetanus injection. This is now combined with Polio and diphtheria boosters, so that was interesting. Just to prove to some of my Artful dodger friends that I am well and truly sorted - some pictures of the bandages. Didn't the nurse do a great job?

Explained to the nurse I needed to do some dying and so kindly gave me some rubber surgical gloves, as I need to keep it all dry. When I got home I cut up the calico fabric ready for the dying, might do that tomorrow, as I have a headache at the moment.


MargaretR said...

I'm not surprised you have a headache Maggie after all that. It also happens when all the stress is over.

Gill said...

ouch...poorly fingers indeed, Maggie. Glad you took good care of yourself and am thankful the nurse sorted you out.

Enjoy your holiday now...shame about the window cleaning