Monday, July 24, 2006

Stitching last!

Great day today, received some ATC's (thanks to Dale) from Australia yesterday and felt inspired by them to go to my workroom and play this morning. The weather was still cool, so bearable to do some work. I decided to get the embellisher out and used an assortment of fabrics I had dyed, as well as some merino wool fibres I had dyed previously.

I also had some puff paints in my collection.

They had been in my cupboard for some years, unused and so I decided to give them a go.

The colours are a bit bright, the black is useful though. Just need to finish these pictures now. Any ideas what I can do with the blue ones I made?


Sue said...

This particular one looks like the flash of colour you get as a kingfisher pops out to go fishing....
Seeing a kingfisher was one of my ambitions: my family took me out on a river boat trip on the River Avon for a birthday treat a couple of years ago. This ATC brings it all back to me: thanks for the memory!

MargaretR said...

These embellishe ATC's look lovely Maggie.

Miriam said...

these are lovely. so soft and inviting. i like the orange one, it's a happy quilt!

jackie said...

Lovely colours above and in the 'emblellished' fabric. I have been making felt recently and have used it as a base to play with my embroidery unit which I haven't touched for years. My plan is to then play with different paint techniques onto felt.