Sunday, July 02, 2006

What a day!

Off on my travels again today. Back to Urchfont for the Textile exhibitions that I chatted about last weekend. Some of the City and Guilds courses were finishing, and some good traders also attend. Its also a great opportunity to catch up with good friends. I decided to go early as it was promising to be a scorcher of a day. That was a good decision, when I arrived it was already 26C at 10.00am, when I left at about 1.30pm it was 32C. I was certainly grateful for the air condiditioning in the car.
The tutors at Urchfont for the City and Guilds are first class. Sian Martin had her groups' work on display , they have just finished level 3 ( used to be Part 2 in my day!) and certainly plenty of talent.

Sian also had her distance learning students work on display, and certainly that was a delight to see. The restrictions imposed by the need to use snail mail, did not hinder creativity at all.

Val Campbell Harding had 2 groups finishing one on Machine Embroidery and here is a lady to watch, Doreen Woodrow, fantastic work. I had the pleasure of working with Doreen a few years ago when I was an internal verifyer for a C & G course on Automatic machine patterns. Her work as you can see has progressed and evolved to be wonderful.

Val's other course has a very uninspiring title, but that does not deter Val, and she has exploited the syllabus in a very imaginative way.

I would not particulary sign up for a course with this title, so I was very surprised when I found out 3 of my friends had signed up for it with Val!! They were also thoroughly enjoying it. Here are some of the results of their endevours......... You will see it was fantastic fun.

Jane has created this brilliant bag, the findings are truly beautiful. Such an inspiration.

Blogger has stopped letting me put the pictures into the blog at the moment. I will add them as soon as I can.....sorry folks (picture 1)

Maggie has worked with distressing and ageing surprise there! She was so excited too as her new book had just arrived (only the authors copy I'm afraid) and she is mighty pleased with it. She is hoping to have the copies for sale to the rest of us, by the Knit and Stitch show in Birmingham in September. If it arrives in time for the Festival of Quilts in August, we may see her there with the book. As always her work is instantly recognisable and pushed the boundaries in terms of the way she uses media.

Blogger has stopped me adding any more pictures. I will add them as soon as posible .......sorry.
(picture 2)
Clive was busy going round and videoing all the work for Val as she was not well enough to attend this weekend. Speedy recovery Val.


NuvoFelt said...

Yes, a good show, Maggie. Oh, and I thought there were good traders too (gggg)

Zaz said...

great report Maggie - hope Blogger lets you upload the pics soon!

HHmm I really miss the 'now' round of exhibitions!