Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sketch 'n' Stitch

Feeling a bit deprived of doing my own thing in terms of my work at the moment, as I'm bogged down in timetables/staffing/course outlines/etc. etc. So now that my moan is over, I have decided to do a bit of something stitchy and sketchy.

So this is not new work, but just me re-visiting comfortable painting/drawing and machine stitching and doing something for my own sanity.

So important sometimes just to do, nothing ground breaking, its almost like doodling, no decisions, just do it.

I have to prepare for some exhibitions at the end of this year, but I don't think this work is exhibition standard that I could sell.

However, this type of work is very rewarding for me. How often do you give yourself permission to just doodle and do it?


Gill said...

Not often enough, Maggie, that's for sure.

Dorothy said...

I don't care if you consider it exhibition standard or not! I'd buy it... so there!
It's lovely work and so good to see you 'playing' freely.