Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dying ....24 hours later

Very impressed with myself, have left the dye bags for 24 hours, did not know I could be that patient!

So today, not quite so early as I overslept, started on the rinsing and washing. Was a little worried how the fingers would cope, but they are Ok. The tetanus injection has made my arm very sore though, and I seem to have a slight rash. I will survive am sure. Results of the dyeing are Ok, except for the yellow going into orange ...its too dark for my liking. I used Magenta for the red and think it overpowered the lemon yellow too much. Anyone else had experience of this?

Someone had to sit down on the job again today, too much hard work, but able to supervise the hanging out!

Overall though I am pleased with the results. These pieces (above) have a small amount of black added....quite exciting.

Just finished the ironing of the last few pieces of fabric before the family arrived for the BBQ. Fortunately the rain held off, and then it was only a light shower, temperature is still in the 20's C, but there is a hefty breeze which is most welcome.


Gill said...

What a glorious washing line, Maggie! Colours look great - orange better in the later photos...did you do something, or is it just not quite visible in the first?

Elle said...

Lookin' good. I love seeing photos of folks' dye days!