Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Seems to come round every year, our anniversary!!!!! Had a great time, as eldest son and his wife took us out to dinner at a local hostelry. Lovely meal and chauffeur driven too. Spent the morning with my daughter, she is a childminder, and had a session with her "charges" and tye dying on calico and silk, they had a great time. Lots of excitement today as they could unwrap the tying. Doing another session next week with them , for the second tye and dye. Will try and get some pictures for you all.

I have been busy stitching today, fingers are still a bit of a problem, but luckily are healing nicely. Received some really lovely ATC's through the post recently. Thanks Dale for sending them.

This is by Diane in Australia. Lovely colours.

This one is by Sally, she is in NSW Australia, and she has used papercaly/paint/beads/stitch and sheers. Awonderful mixture of textures.


his is created by Margaret Bullock also of Australia, wonderful sparkling blue, reminds me of the sea.

This is called " missing New Zealand" and is by W.I.Cook, it reminds me of the New Forest, here in the UK. Truly beautiful.

The last one was from Dale, as featured on her blog and is made on her embellisher machine. Many thanks for sending me a little art made in Australia Dale.

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