Saturday, August 05, 2006

Next circle

Have just finished attaching the next lot of colours to the circle. I attached them with Bondaweb. It was so easy! I think this is what many quilters call fusing?

These are the basically the same dyes but with the addition of a small quantity of black. At first I didn't want to use them, as I was pleased with the colour circle as it was. Then I thought I would just lay them out to see what it would look like. I have to confess I like the subtleties of colour.
Does however mean I will have to do a lot more explaining to my students, as the pigments used in paints do not react in exactly the same way as dyes.

Next is the scary bit, putting in some wadding and a backing and stitching through all of them. Thought I would do machine stitching and use that wiggly stitch beginning with V. The word is like those chocolate strands you put on ice may realise the word escapes me at the moment! Then will need to hold the edges in with some sort of binding. This may turn out to be a proper quilt! Anyone any advice???


MargaretR said...

No advice Maggie. I just love your colour circle, it is so successful. I would love to make one, but I really don't think I have your patience. But you never know, one of these days.

Sheep Rustler said...


It's a beautiful colour wheel and the addition of black was definitely a Good Thing.