Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Colour Quilt update

Have been working some more with the colour quilt and with expert guidance!!! Pictures tell all.

Siamese is fed up with Schnauzer stealing all the limelight with this colour quilt, so thought he would supervise the stitching on the machine!

Takes a lot of concentration this stippling.

Chief supervisor also wants to get in on the act. She is totally deaf, but certainly knows how to keep a siamese kitten under control.

All these wonderful bits of paper and fabric in the studio soon distract the attention of Siamese.

So its playtime.

So whilst Siamese is busy playing, the quilt is nearing completion, bindings nearly on, stippling all done. As you know I have been really unsure about "sleeves" but I must give a big thank you to my quilting pals for their help and assistance, especially Briony. I now know how to do it. thanks Briony, also she gave me some good advice about naming and recording the quilt. Brilliant.

The studio is in a right mess though, however I have some ideas for that........more later. I have to go and prepare for a day out in London tomorrow, I am going to be a culture vulture!

Planning to see the 60's Exhibition at the V & A, and then I want to go to Tate Britain and see Constable, and the cups of tea in the National Gallery are good. Should be a good day out.

Talking of Exhibitions, please remember to go and see the Exhibition of Contemporary Art Quilts , at Uffington until the 13th of this month, and then it goes to Wales and the start of next year in London. I have just found out that Jennifer and Carol create this wonderful Exhibition without funding or support from anyone, so please give them your full support, by visiting and buying the catalogue. Its only £5.00 and worth every penny. Above all enjoy it as much as I did.


nadine said...

oooh, my chum went to see the constable exhibition last month. must admit i was jealous.

Am so loving your photos of work progress:
and loving the photos of your supervisor. Loved the first surprising view of the EARS right over top of the work. I laughed right out loud. What a terrific supervisor.

Elle said...

That is too cute! I love your supervisor!