Monday, August 07, 2006

Uffington Exhibition

Part Two of the pictures.

Here is Sandra Meech's that I tried to blog yesterday without success!

Margit Kupsch

Sue Tarbitten. Most unusual installationion, you really need to see the pieces of work I have posted today. The photos do not do them justice, the surfaces are wonderful.

Annette Claxton

Annette Morgan

Need to go and do some of my own work now. I am in the middle of Vermicelling my colour wheel quilt, quite chuffed with myself. Will post some pictures when its done. I was asking Sandra Meech for advice about these hanging sleeves on the back of quilts, she advised me to make a gusset . If any of you have advice or can direct me to some beginners help....please let me know.

The computer is going to be updated shortly, and I have more pictures to post. If you return and find it is not updated , please don't will just be a short break, whilst the computer is sorting itself out!

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Helen Cowans said...


Thanks for the photos - looks interesting. It's been about 16 years since I've been to Uffington.