Monday, August 28, 2006

Carry on Stitching

Have been finishing those UFO's I have found during my big clear up campaign. Quite a few are ready for exhibition now, which is a great relief as I have some exhibitions coming up at the start of next year.
Also visited the local hardware store for pieces of wood and mirror fixings. They have a 10% off everything weekend, so seemed a good opportunity to buy some of the "fixings and wood" needed for the finishing of my work .......and save some money for a change!

Fingers are now better which has speeded up the process.... I now have 8 fingers and 2 useful!! Finished another one of my "kantha " style pieces last night. Just one more to do.

I am still interested in the textures and the movements in the cloth created by this hand stitching. Looking through my photos from the recent Festival of Quilts, I realised I was often attracted to looking at the surface of the exhibits for textural qualities as well as for the overall impact. This piece of work by Liz Hewitt probably illustrates what I mean.

Here is what Liz wrote about her work ( unfortunately blogger insists on writing it sideways!!!!)

Whilst at the Festival of quilts - I was also interested in how others mount their work for exhibition...remember I knew I had a lot of finished pieces of work I wanted to get ready for exhibition. I know it was a quilt show so there were lots of "sleeves, bindings and such like". I was not disappointed , lots of innovation on that front as well. Especially some of Judith James work and Michael.

I really found this piece of work appealing. It was one of those pieces, that I had to go and look at a number of times ......


Karin said...

Love those Kantha pieces. Have been trying to do this stitching technique, but so far it won´t look right. Will have to try some more ;-)

Sheep Rustler said...

I love that Kantha style, it is something I am working on at the moment myself that I thoroughly enjoy doing.