Sunday, August 20, 2006

The stash is sorted and excitements

Its taken a long time (a whole week!) to sort out the studio, but at last its done. As a reward for all my hard work dh took me on a trip yesterday to The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham ( UK). He very kindly did all the driving.

Following this vehicle on the Fosse Way in the Cotswolds, we both commented that it was like being on Safari. This landrover had obviously been to the Sahara, however we were hoping to get to Birmingham! Mind you the fields around us were badly scorched by the recent heatwave and drought, so the Saraha might have been an apt description.

However finally we were getting closer to Birminham on the M42.

When we finally arrived at the NEC, dh then came in with me too. That man deserves a medal!

On the approach to the doors following lots of ladies, he said to me " You are not grey haired enough for this Festival..........we'd better go back home!" Still not sure if that is a compliment or not!

Anyhow, just before we went I also did manage to finish my colour quilt, so I was really pleased with myself. So imagine what a joy it was when I saw that Helen Deighan had a stand at the FOQ and I was able to tell her all about my dying and making her style of quilt from her book Magic Dyeing. See my previous entries of how I did it - here.

I also visited the Bernina stand, I have had my 170 since 1997 and thought I would have a look at the newer models to see what they do. They had some very well trained staff, (I was impressed) who told me I did not need to upgrade as my machine does everything the newer ones do anyway. I have to admit that made me feel really good and I thanked her for her honesty too. That is what I call service!

Have loads more to tell you and pics for you, but will carrry on in a little while.

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