Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day trip to London

Have had a wonderful day today in London with daughter and granddaughter, the plan was to be culture vultures. The coach dropped us off right outside the Kensington Museums and the weather was fantastic.

So to the V & A , first stop was the conveniences which is accessed via the British Galleries. GD was enthralled by what she saw there, especially the Latton Jacket and the interactive music from the Tudor period and Stuart periods. Took us quite a while to get to the conveniences!!
Eventually we ventured into the Sixties fashion exhibition, and it was pleasing to see some of Ossie Clarks fashions featured, as my wedding dress was made by him! I was also surprised to see a collection of paper printed dresses.

Those paper dresses.......Talk about a walk down memory lane! I can recall "Vilene" asking the College I attended, to print and develop some designs - block printing "Vilene" . I can remember the brief being to create designs as disposable childrens clothing- we had to create the design of the garments as well as the surface decoration and then make them as well. One of my original designs still resides in my loft space somewhere, the College and Vilene kept the rest. As you can imagine the work was totally original. That was how it was in the sixties though wasn't it?It was great fun and the results of our work went on display at the RCA and I can recall feeling very proud, I really had no idea how prestigious the RCA was in those days.......The innocence of youth.

So today I was the butt of a few jokes about clothes etc, we then ventured off to have lunch. The courtyard garden is now open and very pleasant it is too. Loved the sculptures in the garden as well. I had planned to go to Tate Britain to see the Constable Exhibition, however the little person with us begged to go to the Natural History Museum next door. So that's where we went. Not my sort of place at all!!! All dinosaurs and beasties! However squeals of delight from the smallest member of our party! I did find the section on rocks and minerals fascinating though.

Had bought GD a small notebook and on the journey home on the coach, she was writing about her day in London and drawing pictures of dinosaurs and beasties. Natural blogger?? Need to get her started on her own blog methinks.

I was going to post a few more pictures, but blogger is not co-operating...sorry folks.

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MargaretR said...

I did so enjoy that report on your trip to London, Maggie. I just love the VandA don't you?