Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Festival of Quilts - The Quilts

All these entries in one day! I must be making up for lost time.
I have been quite selective with the quilts I have chosen to show you, which has been very difficult, there were so many I found to be inspirational, all for very different reasons. Sometimes it was the subject matter I found intriguing, sometimes the close up texture, sometimes the sheer ingenuity, sometimes the colour and sometimes I could not analyse - it was a gut reaction. I decided I would try and limit it to 5 photos, mainly because of blogger limitations. However as usual blogger has other ideas and is limiting me to 4!!!!

Anita's quilt was part of the Husquarna Viking contest, and I suspect many of my visiors from "across the pond" have already seen this exhibition.

Bailey is a member of the Contemporary Quilters and her quilts are made from hand dyed felt.

There were a number of Kantha's in a seperate exhibition area, they were good to see.

Another selection of quilts I would highly recommend to be seen is by the SAQA group....WOW! I found real inspiration there .

Another quilter to keep your eye on is my chum Helen, some lovely inspiring work that she had entered this year.

This is a view of the Entrance/exit - certainly plenty of room to look at and admire the quilts on show. This is only a very small selection in this photo. Rest spaces were basic but very welcome when needing to take the weight off the feet.


Helen Suzanne said...

great reports Maggie and thank you for the links - off to greedily read :))

MargaretR said...

Great report as Helen says. I think I'll join her. Another Dodger meet Helen?

jackie said...

I also admired the Kantha work, there was so much to see wasn't there? Jo Budds work giving the clear light of the marshes in Suffolk, and the work of Diana Harrison were particularly memorable for me.