Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where have you been......?

In the Nursery rhyme, it continues ........ I have been to London to see the Queen! (I continue -except the Queen is on her holidays!). The rhyme continues.......... and what did you there? I continue - I went to see the Kandinsky exhibition at Tate Modern instead.

Must admit the start of the journey from home was a bit dubious. My train had been cancelled, other trains were delayed. As it turns out I caught the earlier train( 'cos it was running late!) but we arrived at Paddington at the time I would have arrived with the cancelled train. Does that make sense?
I was a happy bunny, until I got to the tube (underground) where they announced that the Circle line trains were running late and off shedule, due to an earlier incident. My heart sank - I was meeting a lot of my chums at noon. Within 1 minute the tube was there taking me off to Blackfriars station!Someone was certainly looking after me today!

Decided to take the exit out of the station to go over the Millenium Bridge, the heavens opened up and it poured with rain! Stopped just as quickly and the sun came out. So here are some photos of London yesterday.

Tate Modern from the Millenium Bridge.

Tower Bridge from the Millenium Bridge

St. Pauls from the Millenium Bridge

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