Friday, August 11, 2006

Sorting the Stash

This is one of the sculptures at the V & A, I love it.

No time to blog yesterday as I have started sorting out the studio, and the stash and all the UFO's. Really need to downsize the quantity of "stuff".
I have also been looking for some decent tables to work on, a long run of tablespreferably. At the moment I have two desks, both different and an old dining room table with drop leaves.
Happened to go into Staples locally yesterday and they had a reception table in the Sale for £44.99,which is a good deal. the desk is a right angle and the 2 long sides measure 160X140 cms. So pleased, but I have spent the rest of last 2 days sorting out. Two of the fingers are still out of action, so its a bit of a nuisance, but I am managing.

Have finished all the machining on the colour quilt, just have to finish hand sewing the sleeve on the back.

So back to sorting out. Cannot decide what to do with the stuff I have "outgrown" seems a shame to dump it, suppose I ought to try and get people who would like it to take it away. Know anyone??


Sue said...

Local Scrapstore? Day Centre? Freecycle? eBay? School?! Playgroup? I returned some unused scrap to scrapstore yesterday so someone else could try to find a use for it!

Zaz said...

sell it on ebay! amke some money out of your throways!

let me know when it is listed ;-)

MargaretR said...

Sorry to hear your fingers are still out of action.
I have worktops each side of the room, but I would love a long table instead, it would be a lot better, but my little trapdoor would not allow me take in anything that size.

jackie said...

Replying to your comment, though belated. My piece is worked on felt I have made with wool and silk tops. You will see I had some problem with the embroidery unit, but I think all is well now. Unfortunately, I don't have an embellisher, and am trying hard to resit any urge to get one!