Sunday, August 06, 2006

Visited the country today

Did not drive very far, it was a beautiful day about 27C, the air con in the car was welcome though expecially as Schnauzer came too.

This is the foot of the Berkshire downs ( they happen to be in Oxfordshire since 1974 - don't ask -its political!) we were going to the village of Uffington, better known usually for the White Horse up on the hill. We were however going to something much more important. The contemporary art Quilts 2006. Fantastic -get there if you can its running until the 13th August at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall. This is a juried exhibition and 33 were chosen forthe touring xhibition. The Jurors were Diana Harrison a quiltartist, Jennifer Newman artist and furniature designer, and Audrey Walker, artist

This is a felt quilt by Bailey Curtis, Bailey has a fantastic eye for colour.

Linda Colsh.

Heidi Foerster.

Of course with all this excitement - we had to stop to have refreshments a cup of afternoon tea and a slice of Victoria Sandwich ( cake). Had a long chat with Sandra Meech, she had just finished teaching at the long weekend of quilting at Hartpury, her quilt was lovely. looks like I will have to upload the image of Sandra's quilt tomorrow, as blogger will not play anymore! If you wish to catch this exhibition you have until the 13th August at SN7 7RP which is Uffington

You can also see it at the Minerva arts Centre in Wales, from 21 August to 23 September 06 ( SY18 6BY)


Morley College Gallery, London. 12th January - 1 February 2007 (SE1 7HT)

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Liz said...

You've had fun here! What gorgeous quilts - I love Linda Colsh's and Sandra Meech's work. Was it on a couple of weeks ago when I was at Marlborough? Humph if so!! Sorry we didn't get to meet up .... but I understood after reading your blog about that week...