Friday, July 07, 2006

Nana and Year 9

Great fun today, finished the Nana's that year 9 have been making for the past few weeks.

Great artist and I know there are many of her sculptures in Atlanta.

Wish I could take the students to see the real sculptures.

Students worked in groups and after they had created some intial drawings in colour influenced by the artist Nikki Saint-Phalle , they started the making.

Chicken wire and papier mache, and then the final painting today.

They were great fun to make. There is a whole museum dedicated to Nikki's work in Japan, another place I would love to take the students.

I promised my trainee teacher that we would take photos of the finished Nanas, as unfortunately she had to leave us before the Nanas were complete. Hope you like them Becky and visitors to my blog.

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