Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sweet peas and Kids clay

These sweet peas are looking good, they are the everlasting variety, and all the same colour. They do not seem to attract green fly or black fly and I particularly like them because they came from my late fathers' garden, so just a bit special. They do not really have that heavy fragrence of sweet peas, but the bees love them just same. So having surveyed the garden over the weekend.......went on to...........................

Some clay work. Knew we were having some of the kids over, so I bought a bit of clay home for them to work into. Its terracotta and gives a lovely colour when fired. Intoduced them to rolling pins and tiles, adding "worms", incising into the clay and general mark making. We also made thumb pots, seven year olds have incredibly small thumbs!!!! And a coil pot. Will fire them this week, and then probably give them a transparent glaze which makes them lovely and shiny but retains the warm tones of the terracotta. Lots of fun and mess. Parents were glad it all took place at our house, until I sent them home with the leftover clay, which I will collect from them later this week to put in the kiln. The parents should know me better by now.......I like to share the mess!

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