Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thunder and Packing

Over the past few days it has been really hot here in the UK. Clear skies and temperatures in the 30's C.

Great today as we had a wonderful thunderstorm that has cooled everything down. Starting to feel human again! I slept through the thunderstorms this afternoon, totally unaware that much of the town is under water as a result of flash floods. One of the advantages of living on top of a hill, is hopefully we will not experience floods. The garden enjoyed the deluge of rain and the Buddlia drooped under the weight of the rain.

Why I was sleeping in the middle of the afternoon is a tale of exhaustion.

In all this heat my colleagues and I have been packing. Apparently packing and moving family house is high up on the stress list. Wonder where packing and moving a whole school of 1300 children appears on the stress list........ and doing that in a heatwave......hearing constant health warnings about heatwaves!

So by Friday (yesterday ) all the subject departments in the school, except science and my department went off on holiday, all their packing complete. I have to go into school next week to finish the packing due to an error on the part of the removal company, as they forgot to order the cages for the Art deparment. I was not best pleased to say the least! I am supposed to be on holiday next week! It will be all worth it when we finally start teaching in a brand new building in September.

There has not been much time for blogging this past week.......sorry........will try and do better next week.

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