Monday, July 03, 2006

What a day .....the pictures!

At last blogger is allowing me some pictures:- so to continue from yesterday........

Picture 1. -----at last .....the pictures.......this is the Jane lemon bag I was talking about yesterday (click here to see the report)

Picture 2 ----- Maggie Grey's wall hanging. As you can see for yourselves, under Val's expert guidance , these two very talented ladies pushed the boundaries of this new City and Guilds Syllabus to the extremes. Moral of this tale is do not go by the title - look at the content and then a bit of lateral thinking, that's creativitiy.

This was taken on the journey home , as you can see Avebury was quite busy with tourists, but then it was sunday afternoon, the heat was blistering though. Mad dogs and Englishmen comes to mind.

As the bikers (motor variety) will tell you, the famous Red Lion quenches the thirst.

Some welcome shade.

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downunderdale said...

thanks for sharing Maggie - I am hoping Val can persuade Urchfont to let her take distance learning students - ie ME! Very jealous and would love to have been there