Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another birthday, but not mine!

Been celebrating a six year olds birthday this evening. Great fun but exhausting. We gave a Tamagotchi as the present and it certainly was very popular, they appear to be back in fashion again. Also gave an arty present, and am not so sure this was welcomed so warmly by the parents, as it involves paint and is rather like a spirograph. Has the potential to be very messy.

On the textile front have not done a great deal since the hectic weekend, added some colour to a plain design I had sewn a while ago, but still not quite satisfied with it. What do you think? Something to do with the colours. I would be grateful for any ideas.
Think the message is clear, but the colours do not do a lot for me.


Zaz said...

hej Maggie

I love it ! Looking at the stuff you did at Urchfont - havent you got some felt bits you could add to this piece? You obviously love the stitching side - why not try just stitching into it and see what happens?

Sue said...

Or some glitz.....
Some gold or glitter and beady things?

Sue said...

Looking again, would some of that
adeira FS2/2 black/metallic thread stitching makie it less pastelly and provide glitzy highlights?

Grumpy said...

If you're really not nuts about it - and these were your words, not mine - do something whacky with it like colourwashing the whole thing or printing on top of it? Something bonkers.