Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Artistic Challenge - Getting Started

So the colour decisions have been made. Time for serious work now. Where do I start? Well Sally said " we will make two, that way at the end we can keep one each" So, as I understand it, that means I will have to repeat it identically, and for me that means tracing paper. So draw out the feet on tracing paper, copy it again. Design ready. Hope you all remember that the design is supposed to be of "feet" despite all my ramblings. So after layering a pile of different coloured fabrics for each foot, and placing the tracing on top and using neutral coloured sewing thread machine along the lines I have drawn. Hey I have made a start on the fabric bit..... I feel quite elated.
Now might be a good time to explain why I have chosen to draw parrallel lines onto my feet -- I bought this special slash cutter (from Winefrid Cottage) and have never used it. So as this slashing technique is back in fashion, thought I would give it a go. Now I have not done this for at least 10 a mistake or two is likely....... I did see a textile artist ( Karina Thompson) at this years Art in Action use the technique. So here goes.

Dead easy, piece of cake, these feet will be flying to Sally before she knows it!

Then hit a problem----had forgotten how tough tracing paper can be. Trying to remove it from the stitching = nightmare. Photos tell all! What they do not show is my simmering temper. I am very annoyed that I had forgotten what a pain tracing paper is.......there are so many easier alternatives. Kicking myself for being such an idiot.

Resort to some rock music to get me out of the simmering anger. You've guessed Tina Turner with "Simply the Best" and "Steamy Windows" , soon has me singing along and the tracing paper is disappearing fast.

Thanks Tina- certainly an apt choice when I think about you strutting about the stage, and me designing feet. Starts me thinking off on a tangent stillettos and all that. Must restrain myself.... feet only for this challenge. I digress as usual.

Having finished one.... then have to complete the identical twins!

In the end to remove the tracing paper from the stitching - I used a pin, small scissors and my poor thumb, a very painful process, but spirits improved with the help of Tina Turner - shrinking violet - she ain't - so neither was I. Moral of the tale though- use water soluable not tracing paper. Never too old to learn.

Next Instalment shortly folks.


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Grumpy said...

Ooooo errr Maggie....should have explained better. What I meant by suggestin we make two was we each make a pair of feet and swap them so in the ends we would have to completed collaborations. ust that I'm a lazy bitch and haven't started mine yet!