Saturday, April 29, 2006

Time to catch up

Can take a bit of a breather today from the paid work as it is Saturday. I have had a busy morning trying to do some gardening before it all turns into a jungle. I know summer is on its way when we get the fountain out of store. I adore this fountain, it belonged to my Father, so it is very special. It recycles the water, and is wonderful on a warm summers evening, when you can sit out on the terrace, with a cooling drink and the sound of the water from the fountain is so relaxing. Roll on the warmer weather.

Also found some flowers lurking around, some tulips which are just for Gill, I know you like them, but they are the only two in my garden! Gill is off to New York soon, hope you have a great time and look forward to reading all about your trip on your blog when you return to the UK. (The hairy nose you can see in the tulip picture is adolescent puppy trying to work out what I was doing to his garden)

The daffs are a bit late flowering, I have been known before now,to find the bulbs unplanted, plant them in May and enjoy splendid daffodils in June and July. I know it takes all sorts and a gardener I aint, but I do my best.

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Gill said...

Thanks for the tulipy thought, Maggie! No tulips in our garden at all this year - think the squirrels must have eaten them?