Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back to the Feet

Have sorted out most of the colours I would like to use, am staying fairly close to my previous choice. Have decided to use felt as the base. So now need to study and think about Sallys work a little more, not too long though, just going to allow myself half and hour. Which is just enough time to get some music playing....Enya I think feeling quite relaxed.

I really like the inside of this CD...I digress as usual..... then of course it is time for tea.

No tea - no thinking that's my motto. There's that Twix bar again Sally. Enya is singing .."sail away, sail away" and I immediately start thinking about Sally sailing in Scotland. She told us all about it recently on her blog. Ok, time for design decisions - Sallys used horizontal lines, so I will try using vertical lines. Also have this strong desire to connect my feet to Sally head's, music and tea are working well......I am on a roll...... am going to create the "dream body", that is my dream body, whereby I can eat as I wish and the resulting shape of my body is irrelevant.

That is a really powerful statement/dream, we are so fashioned by everyone elses expectations concerning what we are allowed ( medically) to eat, what size and shape we should be ( fashion mags) and other people's expectations of us. So my dream body will not be "ideal" in the accepted sense, but comfortable for me!

So folks, would you like a dream body like mine in the above photo? What shape is your dream body?

Now the camera is telling a lie in this photo, its the colours -that is not purple - but a dark brown - cannot explain at all. The pins are just to stop the bits from moving, as I have decided to use the embellisher again. ( I have not put it away since the last session).

Next instalment tomorrow morning (BST time) as I want to get on and embellish it now. See you soon with the next instalment.


Grumpy said...

Yo Maggie! Work (with the embelliser) that body! Is it going to be finished when you're done or do I get another shot?

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

You get another shot Sally. This is no rules - remember. anything goes.Maggie