Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Artistic Challenge - Enjoyable

A lot of the hard work is now done, and time to slash between the stitching with my new tool and also a pair of scissors. I quickly find that the new slashing tool will not cut right to the end of the seam because of the guiding prong, so have to resort to my very sharp Pfaff scissors to do that job. Easy though and quickly done. Thought about putting the work into the tumble dryer, but decided was not enough time for that.

Of course now have to make the calico fray. Proving to be a bit hard on the old fingernails, so dig around in my sewing box for my trusty little velvet brush. Does a lovely job, just needs de-clogging at regular intervals. Don't know if you can still get these little brushes.

Starting to look slashed and frayed as Karina Thompsons' work.

Feeling quite pleased with the results -is getting closer to my design ideas for "dream walking".

Here is a closer image with some of the tools I used to achieve the result I wanted.

I really like this close up image - but the work is not dreamy enough for me yet. Can you guess what I am going to do to make it more dreamlike? That's in the next instalment............

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Link to Sally


Zaz said...

great start Maggie.......I think you have already captured the feeling of those images.


Helen Suzanne said...

This is superb Maggie and Sally. You two are really doing inspiration heaven for us! Eagerly waiting the next installment and it's more addictive than any magazine :)

Liz said...

I've been enjoying following the progression of this work - looking good! I love the way you've used your Embellisher with the fibres too.