Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Artistic Challenge - Nearly There

So how to make the feet dreaming, that's the challenge now.

I have a small stash of merino wool left over from felt making, and the colours are just right for these feet.

This is more like it, just the effect I am looking for. I have teased the pieces of the fleece and laid them onto the calico background. However one puff of wind and it all moves and disappears.

Those amongst you who have peeked at this blog before, may have guessed how I have decided to keep the wisps of fleece in place. The picture above is not quite clear enough, but yes, I use my other fairly new toy the Embellisher machine. Does a great job. Initially only intended to use it on the background, but the problem arises that the feet do not look dreamy enough. I was given some white Norwgian fleece by my friend Janet a few weeks ago, and the texture is quite different to the Merino wool, but just right for the effect I am trying to create.

Much happier with this now, I feel I am achieving the dream walking effect I want. Then I break one of the needles on the Embellisher, as I am trying to use the machine to hold down the white Norwegian fleece onto all those layers of calico. Annoyed with myself.........but now proceed with caution and works........ phew .......what a relief.

This piece of work would not be complete without some stitching, so looking at my stash of threads, decide that the hand stitching threads are my favourite for this task. They are a mixture of perle threads, some of them being randon dyed, but again the colours are just right. So can go and sit in front of theTV and do some stitching whilst watching my "soaps". The highly twisted, slightly shimmering threads, in a course running stitch, add just the right amount of texture to this textile piece.

So this is the first pair of "dream walking" ........the second one......its twin....

Thats the next instalment.

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