Sunday, April 30, 2006

Distress or not to distess? That is the question.

We have been deliberating/thinking/mulling over this question, and would welcome your thoughts. We are working on this challenge and have not set any real rules. So the question arose ( from Sally), should we put the work into the washing machine and see what happens. Obviously once done there is no going back.

We have not been able to make up our minds. So we would like your help please.
Do you think;-

1. We should wash all the pieces in the washing machine.
2. Only wash the "faces" section in the washing machine.
3. Only wash the "feet" in the washing machine.
4. Only wash the "body" in the washing machine.
5. Forget the washing machine idea.

Please could you leave your views in the comments box.
I will check the box tomorrow at this time, and take the consensus view.

Thanks for your help.


Grumpy said...

I say yes wash Maggie, faces and feet initially.

Helen Suzanne said...

In the spirit of adventure I'd use the washing machine and put both pieces in to upkeep a close realtionship between the two piecs

nadine said...

i'd say to put all pieces in the washing machine (in the spirit of Adventure of course). I would put them all in, to keep the pieces related (ie to avoid them looking so totally different in the end).

Zaz said...

I would scan and photograph them first then wash all of them!

you could proceed with an interesting collage of papers and materials if it all goes pear shaped!


Liz said...

The layering and slashing bit would benefit from the machine certainly - and tumbledrying... but ow, what a decision!! What about the rovings? Would they shrink and pucker it? Or is that the idea?...

Carol said...

I agree with Zaz, scan first so you have a record of the originals, then go for it.
you could even print off on fabric and go on forever with different variations