Sunday, April 23, 2006

Studying English Embroidery (and some Scottish! )

If you have travelled over from Sally's blog because you would like to see the start of the joint blogging - this will link you through to all the previous pages.

Otherwise you are welcome to browse through my work and my students work:-

Thought I would share just a few pictures that I have, from my students studying the formal elements associated with Medieval English Church embroidery. Once the students had overcome their prejudices about it being "uncool". They did whisper to me that they thoroughly enjoyed the study. I think you can probably tell.

I think the pictures tell the story, far better than I could. Here is a very small selection.

I will post some more images for you tomorrow, as some of the links from within the BECTa site do not work anymore due to some updating. So I hope these close ups give you some ideas, maybe for you to research and use in your textile endevours. If these works have sparked an interest for you , please give me some feedback, I would love to know how you might use your research.

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Helen Suzanne said...

what a brilliant amount of effort from everyone! this is great work and i love seeing how their pieces develop.