Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Long Day

Almost wish I was one of these dragonflies , that I saw at Bristol Zoo recently, I could then fly away without a care in the world.
Really tired today, have had a very heavy workload at the paid job, and really no time for me, let alone my own work. That often puts me out of sorts and a bit morose. Even cross-questioned myself whether I should be blogging at this time of night, or would I be better getting an early night as I have another heavy day tomorrow. On a happier note my students did well throughout their 5 hour exam today, and certainly the pressure was on full blast for them. I am very pleased with the way they handled the stress.

So its time for hot chocolate, and time to go up the wooden hill ( stairs) as my dad used to say.

I will leave you with this restful picture of spring erupting in my neck of the woods.


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