Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Artistic Challenge-Part Three- Colour Choices

Choosing colours can be very hard work in my humble opinion. There are some people who can do it without thinking. I can't I have to make conscious decisions. I often wish I did not think about colour theory quite so much and followed my instinct more. I intend to follow my natural feelings far more in this piece. After all Sally did say not to spend a lot of time on it, because we are both busy people. Oh dear, the anxiety of choosing the right colour schemes, time to stop worrying and just get on with it..

One decision that I have made is I want to use Calico ( US muslin) that I have dyed myself. So I have been looking at my stash. All the photos are what I have found so far, lurking in the cupbaords. I have been using Omega dyes for a number of years, and was introduced to them by Bailey Curtis, you may recognise some of the colours from the link.

For added inspiration thought it might be a good idea to revisit one of my favourite Aboriginal Art websites. This help me decide with the colours too - just remember this is about gut reactions and feelings about what is right and not some far flung theory ( at least that what I keep telling myself). If the right colour is not in my stash, then I use something else. Simple-right?

I have rejected the samples above, as although I love the red and blue, I feel they are not right for what I envisage as my final piece

These colours are closer to my thinking, next I need to think about techniques ie how am I going to achieve what I want? Here we go again, more decisions. It's at this stage I usually go back to designing, now that's a place I feel comfortable - involves far fewer uncomfortable decisions. No good, cannot linger --- must now attack the next technique adventure- time is of the essence. Sally says I am a busy person. Any ideas? Help.......

I will let you know how I get on with techniques shortly.


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Gill said...

Like the colour choice, Maggie and think you were right to leave the red and blue out.

Know what you mean about instinctive colour choices - had a friend who would add just a tip of some weird colour (nothing following colour theory) and it would work wonderfully well. But I'm sure she was lacking other skills ;-)