Monday, April 17, 2006

An Artistic Challenge-Part Two-The Inspiration

My first series of thoughts for this piece of artwork was I must find some words as a suitable title to really get the creative juices going. Michael Brennand - Wood gave me this advice at a mentoring session I had with him at Christmas in 2005, so just for once in my life, I thought I would follow such excellent advice. Title No 1 was quickly rejected - "these boots are made for walking"....... (apologies to Nancy Sinatra).

For a while now I have been studying the Art, Craft and Design of Primitive peoples, for me a most fascinating period in History. For this challenge I drew some inspiration from my studies.

Then of course the title popped into my head...... Dream Walking..... all sorts of different ideas have emerged since...could be a series if I do not grow tired of it.

You will probably have noticed that the photos I have posted are from Aboriginal Art, a Phaidon Book by Howard Morphy. (ISBN07148 3752 0 ) published 1998. I have no wish to infringe Copyright in any way and I offer the images here merely as an inspiration, so if you have the opportunity to go to your library and borrow it please do. The images are fantastic.

These are some pages from my sketchbook, with a few line drawings and some colour swatches. the image in my head is becoming clearer. The title "Dream walking" is helping far more than I had anticipated.

The title of the above artwork : "Map of a painter's travel by plane" by Mawalan Marika seems particularly apt as we use the internet to map the pieces of artwork Sally and I are creating. I also am aware of the fact that this is particularly significant to Bobby in NZ at the moment.

Next I need to think in terms of textiles and "draw" with them. My next posting will deal with the colours I want to use from my stash. Then onto thinking about the possible techniques I might use. Scary but exciting. Please chip in with any ideas you may have, at the moment I am wearing my ideas on my sleeve as they say, so any support would be great.


Grumpy said...

Great Maggie! What an orderly and organised way of working. I'm in awe. Mine when I get round to it will probably be just gut. All very well saying that I suppose but you have to have something to react too. Lets hope I can find something in the messy soup I call my head.

Zaz said...

great images .- Maggie .............and a wonderful idea to collaborate!

I love the aboringinal art (always have ) - is the dream walking - like songlines???

cant wait for the next installment!