Monday, April 17, 2006

An Artistic Challenge-Part One-The Story

There is this country North of anywhere I know and its called Scotland. There resides a wonderful artistic lady called Sally, who is of Grumpy Shopkeeper fame in her shadow life. Sally likes to make all sorts of different Art and Crafts, and designs all her own work. She is a very famous lady on the internet and folks love to look at her blog and chat to her online.

One day, on peeking at my blog, she threw a challenge to me, would I like to create a joint piece of artwork with her? Sally had been looking at my efforts at creating faces.

We had a little chat about it online,and decided to do it. I was to make the start and instead of faces I was to work with feet. Now that is a challenge for me Sally! We will post the work back and forth ( snail mail as well as blog mail) and blog the events as we go along, to share the thoughts, processes, and tribulations with anyone interested.

I feel that the artist Sue Lawty started a massive interest in the blog way of communicating to others about thoughts and processes whilst she was at the V and A in London earlier this year.. It certainly opened my eyes and inspired to think about a new way of working. So thank you Sally, for this inspired piece of thinking and here goes......... joint blogging.


Grumpy said...

Wow Maggie - great PR! Thanks! And partically true too - I am in Scotland. Greatly looking forward to seeing your feet.

Carol said...

Look forward to seeing the ongoing process of your joint project.
Now I know you are both great at faces, but FEET!!!!! eeuw ;-p