Monday, April 10, 2006

Faces - Again

The faces have resurfaced again. as you can see, I was sorting out some sketchbooks and found these from a few years ago. I still had the design saved on the embroidery card for my Artista machine, so I played a little more and added to my sketchbook. The black and white images are printouts from the computer, but the white image is wool felt embroidered with white thread. I rather like the subtle effect created by the lights and shadows.

Here is the same image, printed out onto tissue paper which has been stuck onto calico, then outlined in a black thread using a fancy stitch. The coloured threads you can see, are a smaller image of the face.

This photo shows the smaller image I had saved to the artista card, from the software that comes with the machine. I stitched it in a variegated thread ( you can see the numbers) and overlapped the images. The photo below shows a lot of the images overlapped - this is so easy to do on the embroidery module.

This embroidery below is ready to recieve some colour in the form of fabric dye. It will have to wait for another day now, or I may leave it "au naturelle".


MargaretR said...

Very interesting work with your Artista Maggie. I wish I was staying home so I can get on with it while I'm in a creative mood. You inspire me to try different things.

Grumpy said...

Like your faces Maggie. You encourage me to play more. I am absolutley stuck for time and space - but there is always a way if you want to, isn't there? Wish we could play together. Don't suppose you fancy some kind of collaborate experement mailed back and forth?