Friday, April 14, 2006

Day trip to Uffington

I suspect you may never have heard of Uffington, unless you are from round these parts. So I will endevour to explain why we went on a day trip.

The day started very traditionally: -

This is all that is left of a dozen Hot cross buns. We then decided we needed to take spring flowers over to my parents grave which is in a village not far from Wantage, Oxfordshire. This is also a tradition with us. The sun was shining and the parish church was looking splendid with all the spring flowers decorating the graves.

We decided to go into Wantage and do some window shopping, which is also good training for the adolescent puppy, it gets him used to lots of people who do not think he is the centre of the universe. That's the theory, but of course Wantage is a country market town....every one loves dogs. So that training went down the drain.

Puppy by now was in need of some strenuous exercise, I hasten to add I was not despite the hot cross buns. So we decided to take the scenic route home via the Berkshire Downs ( by the way if you are looking for them, since 1974 they have been in Oxfordshire- government re-organisation).

Uffington is where you can find the White Horse drawn on the hillside. It was a glorious day, and dogs are allowed.

Adolescent puppy was not there for the view as you can see. He loved the smells, which appeared to be moles and sheep and horses and some other dogs.

The photo above is of the eye of the horse, and is supposed to give good luck and protection to you. Hope it works.

The flat topped mound you can see in the above photo is Dragon's Hill, think George was supposed to have slain the dragon here or something similar. Just like Alfred the Great was supposed to have burnt the cakes at Wantage! Now I will probably be slain by the locals!

This is the photo from the bottom of the hill, you can just about see the White Horse at the top of the brown grass.

When we arrived home again, puppy was quite exhausted. So it has been very peaceful here.

what a lovely sunny day and we were so lucky that views were far and wide across the countryside today as it was so clear. We had not visited this site since the children were small ,when we used to fly the kites for them. I have only known it to be very windy and cold up on the hill, but today was calm, warm and sunny. Very pleasant. I have put in lots of links for you, hope you enjoy the journey. Now will I be able to capture some of today in my design work? I hope so.

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