Friday, April 21, 2006

An Artistic Challenge - There at last

Here is the final instalment of the Challenge, just had the second piece of work to make.

This part was fairly easy, in fact I think the second one is better than the first.

Did realise ( finally) that the legs needed to carry on beyond the feet, so added a little more of the Norwegan fleece at the top. Thought if Sally then wants to do something different with them, gives her a bit more to play with.

The image below is the first attempt again the difference?

So before you get the final images of the work, here is a photo of the equipment and materials and colours that I used to create this mini project.

So here are the pairs of feet, that are now travelling by snail mail to Sally to play with. Will now all have to watch Sally's blog for the growing process.

Really hoped you have enjoyed this creative journey with me, would love to hear your comments. So over to you now, Sally and all bloggers who have been following the thread of this challenge.

PS - The making and designing was 4 hours work in total ....the photographing and writing and blogging about 5 days. There is a moral in this tale somewhere....something like work more blog less! Not half so much fun though.....hope you agree.

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