Friday, July 06, 2007

Antique or Contemporary

So......... its little and large, or traditional and contemporary, or old and new. These machines were made 114 years apart, one in 1883 and the other in 1997......Mmmmmm..... I love them both, but for different reasons.

My trusty Bernina, can be hooked up to the computer and I can stitch anything my heart desires...... I do need an electricity supply, and an abundance of knowlege to make it work.... but I love it just the same!

My W & G will happily stitch -just using elbow grease, and look at the quality of the stitch. I spent this afternoon doodling on the piece I had started in a previous post, curves, wavy lines, straight lines, so soothing to just stitch! (If you click on the photo it will enlarge)
Confession.... kept looking for the foot control!! Brain is not engaged to hand machine operation after all these years of electric. Made me giggle!
Suspect you will have to suffer a few more posts of me raving about the W & G.......... hope you are not bored by my rabbiting on.
I like todays Art quote:-
Art is born of humiliation.W. H. Auden
Back to my stitching now.


MargaretR said...

Rave as much as you like. when you tire of it can I have first refusal? VBG. Can't see that happening somehow.
Your Doodle is a work of art.

Susan said...

I agree...the doodle is truly a work of art. The machine is almost as adorable as the cut pup shown in other posts. I, too, couldn't select a winner...antique or contemporary...both are thrilling. Yet, what is "new to you" is always a delight...despite its age. Enjoy your "new" antique!

Dorothy said...

Wahhhr! I want one too! Stamps foot!
Love that doodle too. Dorothy

Maggie Grey said...

Great to see the pooch. I am dogless at the moment as we are away so much. Have to have second hand dog cuddles with those met on common walks. Thanks for the photo