Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Textile Treasures

This seems to be a very relevant photo for my blog, it is part of a wonderful textile, described at the end of this post.

Unfortunately the dog portrayed is not a Schnauzer... but its a lovely dog all the same.

Went over to Denman College near Marcham ( Oxfordshire) today. They have a very special week this week..... get along there if you can.... you will not be disappointed. Click here for a link

An Exhibiton called " Textile treasures of the WI" drew my attention. Gill -my internet buddy had invirted me over to visit, as she is staying there all week to welcome members and non-members to see the work on display. You may be able to catch the full exhibition near to where you live, as ICHF are exhibiting the show around the country.... click here for details of where.

Some exquisite work is on show, drawn from the collection of the Womens Institute. Quite amazing. Banners made in the 1920's look as fresh and as beautiful as the day they were made. It was interesting to see work that had originally belonged to the Needlework Develpment Scheme ( which disbanded in 1970) on display alongside these WI banners and tablecloths. This is one of our favourites.

The staircase of Denman College also had some visual delights, a range of traditional smocks. The embroidery was so dine.

Then Gill took me off to see one of the highlights of textile art at Denman College. In 1952 they were given a textile mural designed by Constance Howard and made by students at Goldsmiths College. the mural is called Country Life. See here for information on Constance. It is rumoured that one of the students pieces is made by Mary Quant. It is in need of restoration, and must confess I would love to learn how to restore a valuable textile such as this.
This collaged Mural was made for the Festival of Britain

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Susan said...

Thanks so much for sharing this exhibition. The detail is brilliant...tatting even! Obviously, living in the USA doesn't allow me to visit such displays...I'm counting on people like you!