Friday, July 20, 2007

The Rain and floods

Had these great plans to go to Art in Action on the outskirts of Oxford today. Its an event I like to participate in, its very inspirational. Lots of Arts, Crafts and Sculptures in Marquees and tents, the highlight being Pimms and strawberies as refreshments.
Gill commented on the event on her blog yesterday.
When I got up this morning .... the rain was pelting down, it was torrential. As Art in Action takes place in a field or six, I felt it might be more of a Glastonbury experience - lots of mud and dirt. So I stayed home. Just as well, the police reports at 9pm tonight were saying all roads from Oxford to home for me, were still impassable due to floods. Long queues of traffic with nowhere to go to get home. Think for once I made the right decision.
Two months worth of rain has fallen in the hours of daylight in one day- today. Sad day for lots of people, homes and belongings wrecked by floods, some have even lost their pets. Sad day. Lets hope the rain stops soon.

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