Friday, July 13, 2007

Back to Cubism and stuff.........

Had another session at playing around with the concepts of cubism, from my weekend away in May with my Mentor -Julia Capara. ( for the previous relevent post on blog- click here). This is one of the ideas from my sketchbook.

Looking amongst my sketchbooks, generally for designs which I think will translate well into machined chain stitch, think this one might be OK. The inspiration to do this has arisen from the first sample I did with the W & G. I really like the way the machining creates the line drawing and shapes - click here for a reminder of the sample. Next decisions will be colours and whether to crop the cubist design image, and how to describe the shading with stitchery marks. Lots more to think about.

Went to an exhibition of last night of work by students I had previously taught. I am very proud of them. Seemed strange to go along as a visitor, with some-one else being responsible for the organising, setting up and associated headaches of the exhibition. One of the advantages of recent early retirement. No more headaches! Good re-union though. .

I was so distracted with chatting to friends and colleagues.... that I did not take many photos.... sorry!

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