Friday, July 27, 2007

Drawing .................

As I promised yesterday, will share some of the drawing workshop I completed on Wednesday. The workshop was run in the village stores in Coleshill, which belongs to the National Trust. and the session was led by Amanda Hislop.

I like to experience working in the style of another artist, and certainly Amanda was very generous in sharing her knowledge with us.

We started with some warming up exercises, using pencil and then ink ( Quink) and we worked with a number of different mark making implements. Always good fun and something I enjoy doing.

We then were given some plants to draw, as it was not possible to go outside. this might surprise you... it was pouring with rain!!

We also created some wonderful background pages by sticking tissue paper onto the support, covering with ink and using dilute bleach to draw with or distress the surface.

Once some of these surfaces were dry, we started to draw onto those as well, creating layered effect. I love layering and the skills from today's workshop I know I will use again and again. Great day of self indulgent drawing , and excellent food produced by the village shop. If you pass through Coleshill... do stop at the shop..... well worth a visit.

This drawing is unfinished... it needs some more layers

An apt Art quote today:-

"I hate flowers - I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move. "Georgia O'Keefe


Susan said...

Your drawings are wonderful. The texture and layers are great, and I adore the O'Keefe quotation.

sandra wyman said...

Love the drawings - am still trying to pluck up courage to do some myself!

nadine said...

Oh, i just Love this quote by Georgia ! thank you for
sharing it.

your drawings really are fabulous.