Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Excitement

As promised will give you the results of the mystery stitching. I suspect quite a few of you guessed, but were too bashful to leave the answer. Here it is:-

Can you tell, Siamese is as excited as I am. Here's a better photo.

I bought it from e-bay and absolutely love it. It stitches beautifully and so fine. It came with the box, and a number of original attachments, oil can and loads of needles, and most importantly the instruction book.
Did you know, originally it came with an oilstone to sharpen the needles. Love the idea, recycling the needles instead of buying new. The only problem with this machine was the belt was broken, but I ordered a new one from e-bay ( loads of it , as it was for a treadle), fitted it this morning. Now is stitching fantastically. Here's the proof.

This is the chain stitch side, and that is the side I intend to use. Isn't it fine?
I cannot see the hole in the needle to thread the machine up and it is too fine for my needle threader.... so its a case of guesswork. Such fun!
Also had to find a fine crochet hook from the stash, to help me thread the machine.
I am so happy, I do love sewing machines, whatever their age.
I think I can blame my father for my love of mechanical things. He would annoy my poor mother by taking his motor bike engine apart on her kitchen table. I would be roped in to help with piston rings and the like. Anything that needed a delicate touch or small fingers. I grew up with the smell of engine oil! My house would be full of all sorts of sewing machines,if husband would let me, especially if they needed repair and TLC. Just love them.


Beate Knappe said...

thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment - thats is so nice of you - thanks a lot

MargaretR said...

That is wonderful Maggie. I would love to have one of those too. I had one as a child would you believe? It was a special child's sewing machine, but it stitched in chainstitch. I wish my mother hadn't given it away when I became old enough to use a proper machine. I also owe my love of mechanical things to my DF.

Liz said...

How exciting, Maggie. I love old sewing machines too - I got one at a car boot sale a couple of years ago, but I must admit it seems to be more for show than me to actually use... the old ones look so nice too, don't they?

Angelcat said...

what a beautiful machine, Maggie!

Bonnypurr said...

That's a beautiful little sewing machine Maggie, thanks for showing it :-)