Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meeting Day, talking and travels

Nothing really to post today, the meeting was in Frome and it was all about textiles. Very important..... but not really able to share.

I only did part of the driving, and Diana drove me the rest of the way. I was really upset because I had forgotten to take my camera...... so no photos of the wonderful countryside of Wiltshire and Somerset. Sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, 22C.

Sorry but you will have to make do with "official" photos - so please click on the links. We went through Bradford on Avon and Chippenham, it was good to see the river had subsided, it was swollen, but back where it should be. Have been busy tonight writing up the notes on the meeting.

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Angelcat said...

Hey you drove right past me in Chippenham! Sadly I was stuck at my desk at work rather than out and about enjoying the sunshine, it's back to grey here today which seems to be the in colour this summer, lol!