Monday, July 09, 2007

End of the tennis

Wimbledon is over, and we haven't eaten any of this seasons strawberries yet. However, a treat is in store for us this evening. Finding British Strawberries has been quite difficult this summer. The local Asda store had loads from USA, but the British berries were at the back of the top shelf in the chiller. A long way for strawberries to come, from the USA... global warming comes to mind, to get them here. I am sure they were delicious too. Pleased we found local ones though.

To go with them, we have some "naughty but nice" ....yes cream....

Making my mouth water just thinking about them.

Have not done any more stitching to the landscape picture from the last post. I am still thinking about what I am going to do.

Have spent some time photographing the instruction booklet that came with the Wilcox and Gibbs machine. It was very fragile, and I was going to photocopy it, but it is even too fragile for that, so I now have a digital copy. Brillaint.

Will have to add to this post later........ its strawberyy time......... yipeeeee.

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