Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cotswold Day out

Met up with my internet pal Gill today , we met in Cirencester. We were very good and gave the chocolate shop a miss. Gill could not resist going into Sahara and buying a lovely linen skirt. I was sorely tempted, but resisted.

Went back to Gill's for a lovely lunch, and to admire her fabulous newly furnished studio. It was good to have a chat too. Gill is off for a few days to the Textile Treaures Exhibition at Denman College ( click here for details). I hope to be able to go along next week. Gill showed me some photographs of a few of the textiles which will be on show.

Gill lives in the middle of the Cotswolds and the drive to her house is really interesting. She drew me a map to get back to the main road..... I did get lost..... the roads are narrow, and do not have names. As you can see from the map, its turn left when you get to the long wall at the bottom, etc etc. Yes Gill.... I did get home safely!! Some very steep hills and one track roads in the Cotswolds...... not sure I would want to visit in the ice and snow!! Lovely day. Thanks Gill.


Gill said...

I agree, Maggie, it was a great day and lovely to see you again. So sorry you got lost on the way home - maybe I should have invested in a larger sheet of paper!!

Maggie Grey said...

Thanks for the Urchfont write up and for telling folk about the Val exhib. We have themed it to her books as all the pieces seemed to fit in one book or another.
Loved the W&G machine. We used them a lot on Val's Heirlooms course last year. I love mine and it means that you can sit it on your lap and machine embroider all evening while watching telly.

I have a complaint. I've seen the Siamese where is the Schnauzer?