Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gadget Girl - what are you doing?

Okay------ -do not look at me in that accusing way....... why am I photographing my sewing machine instead of....................working at my stitching, feeding you, paying more attention to you.

However you cannot hear the purring going on..... because this is a blog without sound. Firstly from the Siamese helper who is purring so loud it's deafening, and I feel like purring too, let alone the sewing machine.

After a lot of indecision, I decided to buy a walking foot for my sewing machine. I was getting a little irritated at times with trying to plough through a variety of fabrics and getting minor irritating problems. Purr, Purr. Best thing I ever did..... why did I wait. Well I know why really, these things ain't cheap to buy.

The old chestnuts... do I really need it, will it work, will it do as it says on the box, rattled around in my poor old brain, then in a moment of weakness, I saw it a little cheaper than usual, brand new, on an e-bay shop. Before I knew it I had bought it..... I am a self confessed gadget girl.. but it has to be useful. I had never used a walking foot, so was really unsure.

Now I am sure you do not need one, far too expensive, but goodness me it was the right decision for me.

I am actually doing lots of stitching at the moment ... but ... probably like many of you.... I might decide to enter a competition or two with the work. Of course there are these funny rules about not publishing/seen before, and more and more , now seeing that includes blogs.

But be sure , my gadgets will be used. Just love them.

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Gill said...

Glad to see you're having fun with your walking foot Maggie. I just wish they were easier to put on/take off! Even removing the needle, I still find I have to do a fair bit of wiggling and jiggling before it finds its "seat". Worth all the bother though!!

Still dry?